Fun Fact Friday!

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Fun Fact Friday!

The average dog has the mental abilities of a two-year-old human. How cool is that? 

A dog, like a two-year-old, understands about 165-250 words, depending on the intelligence of the dog (or human)  in question. 

When it comes to social intelligence, dogs are more advanced than the average toddler because their lives are slightly more complex - closer to that of a teenager. According to Live Science, dogs are mainly interested in social status (who’s the head of the pack) and mating (who’s sleeping with who). Sound familiar?

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Learn more here!

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Fun Fact Friday!

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Did you know dogs can tell time?

Is your dog ever waiting at the window when you pull into the driveway? Or what about those times your dog seems to know it’s time for a walk?

According to a report by Animal Planet, dogs actually have a sense of time. Humans identify time relationally, such as things surrounding a certain event like feelings, who was involved and so on - but dogs appear to distinguish time by how much of it has passed since a previous event has occurred.

Like it’s been 8 hours since their human left the house. How cool is that?

 Check out the whole article below:


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Fun Fact Friday

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If you’ve ever been on the fence about neutering or spaying your pet, here’s a little known fact for you:

Between one unspayed female dog, her mate and their puppies … they could produce 67,000 puppies in six years.

SIXTY-SEVEN THOUSAND homeless puppies.

Now, book that appointment and spay/neuter your pet.

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Read more here:

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Fun Fact Friday

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Did you know dogs have eighteen different muscles controlling the movement of their ears? - and cats beat that number with thirty-two! By comparison, humans have only six. All of these muscles let their ears rotate and tilt, which helps them pick up more sound waves, more efficiently. They can even swivel independently of each other!

Speaking of ears, have you heard puppies are born deaf? They don’t gain the ability to hear until they’re about three weeks old.
Read more here!

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National Train Your Dog Month!

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Whenever we think about dog ownership we think about all the TRAINING that goes along with it. That is the ONE thing most people are deterred from with pet ownership, but it is so important to have a trained pet as it will make or break your relationship with them.

Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD put the time and effort into basic training:

  • Your dog does what you want. Trained dogs generally have good manners and are easier to be around (AKA, they won’t be jumping into your face or peeing on your couch)
  • Training provides mental and physical stimulation, which is very important for a dog’s wellbeing. A bored dog is an unhappy dog, which can lead to them taking their pent up energy out on things like chewing your favourite pair of shoes.
  • Training is an excellent bonding activity between pet owner and pet. It builds respect and trust.
  • Training teaches your dog to understand when you’re happy with them and when you’re not. This is SO important as it makes day to day life easier and communication a breeze.

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Fact Friday!

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November is right around the corner (Yikes!) and is the month we bring awareness to Pet Diabetes.
Did you know that 1 in 200 cats have diabetes?! It is also becoming more prevalent in dogs as well. Left untreated it can be fatal 💔
Read this article to find out more about the signs and symptoms of pet diabetes and how it's treated:

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Fact Friday!

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Did you know the second most likely way to be injured by your dog is to trip over them?!
 Talk about no personal space!! 

I'm sure more than a few people can agree with this!

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