Fun Fact Friday!

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Fun Fact Friday!

The average dog has the mental abilities of a two-year-old human. How cool is that? 

A dog, like a two-year-old, understands about 165-250 words, depending on the intelligence of the dog (or human)  in question. 

When it comes to social intelligence, dogs are more advanced than the average toddler because their lives are slightly more complex - closer to that of a teenager. According to Live Science, dogs are mainly interested in social status (who’s the head of the pack) and mating (who’s sleeping with who). Sound familiar?

child playing with dog outside


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Fun Fact Friday!

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Did you know dogs can tell time?

Is your dog ever waiting at the window when you pull into the driveway? Or what about those times your dog seems to know it’s time for a walk?

According to a report by Animal Planet, dogs actually have a sense of time. Humans identify time relationally, such as things surrounding a certain event like feelings, who was involved and so on - but dogs appear to distinguish time by how much of it has passed since a previous event has occurred.

Like it’s been 8 hours since their human left the house. How cool is that?

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