Potty Training Your Puppy

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Housebreaking Do’s and Dont’s

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Housebreaking your puppy can be a difficult time for both your new friend and your patience. It is crucial to make sure that you are understanding and positive throughout the entire process in order to keep the bond between the two of you preciousPuppies can often end up with difficulty controlling their bladders if they constantly think they will be punished or yelled at if they accidentally pee in the house. Remember, when puppies are born, much like babies, they are constantly relieving themselves. In the beginning, the mother cleans up after them, leaving no trace of urine behind. Once they are around 12 weeks of age, they need to learn how to relieve themselves in a way that doesn't drive you or your household nuts.

A puppy’s digestive tract moves very quickly. Your puppy will typically poop 30 minutes after they eat, and have to urinate shortly after that. So, pay attention to their daily schedule especially in the early stages.


  1. Find a safe location that you can familiarize your puppy with for regular potty breaks, such as a park with grassy areas. Once they have urinated or defecated there, the scent will act as a trigger for future trips outside.
  2. Coordinate a daily routine. First thing in the morning let your puppy outside, again a few minutes after eating and again every hour after that until your puppy is trained.
  3. Keep your puppy on a consistent feeding schedule to regulate his or her patterns.
  4. Stay outside with your puppy so that you can reward and praise immediately after the deed is done.
  5. STAY POSITIVE - toilet training doesn't happen overnight.


  1. Do not create a negative association with urinating and defecating (inside or outside of the house). If your puppy has an accident, simply and assertively remove the puppy from the soiled area and relocate to their safe spot outside.
  2. Do not shove your puppy’s face in his/her accident or yell, they will not understand the association between their accident and your frustration. They yet don't know what they are and are not supposed to do.

If you keep your head up, stick to a routine and keep a balanced energy your puppy will be housebroken in no time! Good luck and don’t forget to reward your new best friend with a tasty treat like Bullwrinkles Chicken Fingers!


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