Pet A Dog - The Right Way!

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How To Properly Approach & Pet A Dog

A Proper Greeting:

Invite the pup to make the initial contact with you by bending down and lowering yourself to their level. If the dog is very fearful, bend down the same way but do not face the dog and wait for the dog to come and brush up against you. NEVER hover over a dog or make direct eye contact at the initial meeting, this is perceived as a threat.

A Proper Pet:

If you are dealing with a friendly dog, they will approach you with a relaxed tail and ears. If you are dealing with a nervous or fearful dog, they will likely back again or act jumpy. Once the dog has a relaxed body posture, eyes, and mouth, or makes brief and subtle eye contact, go in for the pet. A dog who enjoys petting, will typically lean in for more.

Where To Pet:

Dogs are typically comfortable being pet on their chest, tail, under the chin, base of the neck and shoulders. Initiate this movement from the side, raising your hand over their head can be threatening even to the most submissive dog. Another smart option is to ask the owner where their favorite spot is. Gentle massages and light scratches are calming. When you practice, gentle and calm petting, the likelihood is they will lean in for more!

*Remember to resist the urge to pet a dog if you are nervous, dogs are AMAZING at sensing our feelings and emotions, if you are unsure, they will be too*


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Source (Image): King Of Paws

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