Master Dog Walking With These Tips

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1. Be the pack leader - always walk in front of your dog to show them who is the leader of the pack. This should be practiced from the start to finish of your walk. 

2. Use the right leash - keeping your dog on a shorter leash helps to ensure that you are in control. It is ok to let your dog wander sometimes but ultimately, you should be the one who leads the way.

3. Reward your dog during the walk - after your pup has proven to follow your lead, give him/her a minute to sniff around and explore.

4. Make sure your walk is long enough - the amount of time a dog needs to exercise is variable depending on size and energy level. That being said, make sure you set aside enough time to satisfy their needs. 

5. Channel your energy - try to stay focused on the task, pay attention to what is around you on your walk, stay calm and positive so that your dog trusts your energy as a guide.

6. The right walking tools - if your dog pulls a lot, consider a proper walking harness so that you are not pulling on their neck. Typically walking harness' work in the owners favor as they tend to give you more control. 

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