Halloween Pet Safety Tips

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Keeping Your Dog Safe On Halloween!

Halloween dog

Hide The Treats

As we prepare for Halloween it is important to remember to find a keen hiding spot for the treats. Dog’s have a knack for finding the “good stuff”, all of it can be very dangerous if ingested. When it comes to Halloween night, be sure to place your trick-or-treat bowl somewhere far out of reach from your furry friends. Chocolate of all types is toxic to dogs. Sugar free candies can also be very dangerous as they contain xylitol which can also cause serious problems for our pups if ingested.

Costume Stress

As much fun as it is for us to dress our pup’s up in a cute or scary costume, it can sometimes bring great stress to them. If you choose to dress up your pup, make sure it is not restrictive in any way. If your pet's demeanor changes drastically (fear, panick, depression), consider skipping the costume. The designers of these costumes do not always think of the risks, make sure there aren't any pieces that can be easily chewed off creating a choking hazard.

Keep Your Pets Calm

As Halloween brings many strangers in strange costumes to the door, our pets can sometimes get stressed. Be sure to keep them in a separate room where they can relax. If your pup is very social, it is very important to make sure that he/she is wearing proper identification in case he/she decides to escape from the stressful situation.

Don't Leave Your Pets Outside

The odd prankster has been known to tease and or upset pets in the yard while walking by, to prevent your pup from getting upset or unfairly approached, keep him/her inside. Unsupervised outdoor animals are susceptible to stress, inhumane practical jokes and theft.

Keep Decorations Out Of Reach

As most pups are generally curious about anything new hanging inside or outside the home, be careful not to leave decorations in reach of your furry friend. A lot of decorations contain wire or cords that can cut or shock them.

Keep Them Busy

If your pup has a favorite chew toy or bone, use that as a tasty distraction. This way you will be including them in the treat giving while keeping them safe and calm.


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