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Dog Prints- A Dog's Identity

Fun Fact: a dog's nose print works the same way a human fingerprint does! You know how fingerprints are encoded with individual patterns which are used for identification purposes? Dog's noses are the same!

Each dog's nose creates a unique pattern when used as a print. The little lines on the dog's nose form a unique, individual pattern - just the way a human fingerprint does.

Some facilities use dog nose prints to identify dogs, since they have proven to be the most effective form of identification. For example, the Canadian Kennel Club has been using dog nose prints as proof of identity since 1938.

As most of us know and have experienced, dogs tags can be easily lost or stolen. Microchipping is another reliable way of identifying dogs, although not every pet owner agrees with this method. Whatever your method, make sure you have a means of identifying your dog!

dog nose printdog nose close up


Source (Image): Etsy
Source (Image): Dog Speak

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