Fun Fact Friday! A Dog's Sense of Smell

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Dog's Sense Of Smell 

dog sniffing

Fun Fact: A dog's sense of smell is about 1000 times keener than humans, but do you know why?

Dogs use their nose and mouth to smell. As a dog intakes a scent, that scent sits in their large nasal cavity. The nasal cavity is divided into 2 chambers and contains over 220 million olfactory receptors. The mucus in their nostril grabs onto the scent particles and the olfactory receptors process them. 

Dogs also occupy an additional  olfactory chamber called a Jacobson's organ. This organ sits at the bottom of the nasal cavity and contains 2 fluid filled sacs that let them taste and smell at the same time!

Dogs sense of smell is their primary source of communication. They use it to determine the sex of other dogs, locate a female dog in heat, track animals, pick up pheromones, determine the mood of another dog or human, and the list goes on.....

Of course one the most exercised uses of their nose is to locate their favorite food and treats! Check out our Liver Lover Treats that are known for their irresistible aroma and flavor! 

Source: Animal Planet
Source (Image):  Bark Post
Source (Image): Pet Net

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