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The Dangers Of Cold Temperature

frostbite on chocolate lab

Most of our pets love to jump and play in the snow. This is ok as long as we pay close attention to how long they have been outside and what the temperature is. Dogs don’t often complain about being too cold until it is too late, so we have to be the referee.

When the temperature drops below freezing, most dogs can only be outside for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes less if it is extremely windy. Conditions that can occur as a result of being out in the cold are:

Hypothermia: Occurs when your pet's body temperature drops below its normal 100 - 102 degrees. Signs include shallow breathing, slow pulse, collapse and unconsciousness.

Frostbite: Occurs when dogs are exposed to the cold for an extended period of time. Pale or grey skin, cold to the touch and hard. If the tissue is not too damaged then it will start to appear red as it thaws. If it is extreme frostbite then the skin will appear black and slough off  over the course of a couple weeks.


Source (Image): The Happy Dog Spot
Source (Image): Dog Topics

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