Finding The Right Boarding Facility

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Boarding your pet can be a nerve racking thing to do! Especially for us owners, we worry about our fur babies when they are in our home alone all day, so when making the decision to board, asking the right questions is key. Asking these question will definitely help you determine if the facility is the right match for you and your pup.

  1. What is your play/exercise schedule like? (What is involved? Frequency? Do they cater the plan to the size of dog and its energy level?)
  2. Do the dogs get to play with each other? (Make sure that they do a personality assessment to ensure certain dogs are ok to socialize with others)  
  3. Do the dogs get fresh food and water bowls daily?
  4. If my dogs won't eat due to stress or environment change, what is the protocol? (They should have some highly digestible options on site for picky eaters, you also want to ensure that if enough time has gone by they will seek medical attention)
  5. Can i have a tour of the boarding facility? (The facility should be well lit, look clean, free of overpowering odors, comfortable bedding)
  6. How many dogs do you board at one time? (It should not look overcrowded)
  7. How often do you clean the kennels? (This should be done daily)
  8. What is your emergency protocol? (Which veterinarian do they take your dog to if necessary)
  9. Can i speak to the staff that handles the animals? (It is always nice to get a sense of personality from the people who will be handling your pups.
  10. What vaccinations are required to board here? (It should be mandatory to have the common distemper/parvovirus combo, rabies and bordetella vaccination which protects against canine kennel cough)

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