Dealing With Dog Shedding

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Almost every dog owner deals with the ongoing frustration of hair everywhere. Some dog breeds shed more than others and for different reasons - other than just being furry. The most common reasons for shedding are old, damaged or extra hair (double coated breeds). Although hair kinda comes with the territory of having a pup, there are ways to help reduce floating hair in your home.

Regular Brushing- daily brushing helps to remove the loose hairs before they have a chance to find a nice spot to land, like all over your black couch. Be sure to talk to your local groomer or pet store for the right type of brush for your dog's coat. This makes a big difference in successfully catching up all those loose fly-aways while brushing.

Regular Bathing- frequency of bathing depends on how “dirty” your dog gets on a regular basis. Typically once a month (if your dog is not constantly rolling in mud) is a good guideline to follow. A clean coat is generally a healthier coat. Make sure to get a gentle and moisturizing shampoo, conditioner is not a must, but it doesn't hurt!

High Quality Diet- feeding your furry friend a high quality balanced diet is key to maintaining healthy skin and therefore a healthy coat. Speak to your veterinarian regarding the best diet recommendation for your dog.

Bug Control- prevent your pet from unwanted parasites like fleas, mites and ticks. These are all parasites that will affect the health of your pet’s skin and coat. They cause itching, redness and irritation which leads to shedding.

Allergy Control- if your dog has seasonal or environmental allergies be sure to address these based on your veterinarian's recommendations. Typically it just takes medication or medicated shampoos. Itchy skin means increased shedding - aka more hair!

Vacuum Often- vacuuming as often as possible will obviously help with the hair and debris in the environment. Don’t forget to vacuum your dog's bed.

Regular Veterinary Visits - there are many skin conditions and internal diseases outside of the scary ones that can cause hair loss in patches. Regularly visiting your veterinarian will help to ensure that if any conditions arise, they will be treated accordingly.

You will never be able to eliminate shedding, but being mindful of these basic points can help to significantly reduce the daily hair balls flying around your home!


Source (Image): Bully Rubs Pet Care
Source (Image): Animal Health Care

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